It’s officially fall. It will be October next week and my body can feel the weather changing. I always try to mark the changing of seasons in some intentional way. A season change seems to provide an auspicious time for personal retreat. I have dreamt of offering seasonal retreats for years. Hopefully someday…

fall farmers market

When I think of fall, I think of the harvest, of scarves, of halloween and thanksgiving. I think of routines finally starting again and about making soup. I think about my skin losing its exposure to the world as I wrap myself in more and more layers. I think about drinking hot tea and taking warmer showers.

Dropped ginkgo leaves

Our practice of yoga should make sense within the context of our lives. With the changing of the seasons, my personal practice changes. With the coming of fall, I find myself wanting to move less and meditate more. I start to move from the large, more active postures of summer toward the slower, more inward postures of winter. And because my body isn’t yet used to the crisp air, I want to do it all wrapped in a blanket!

I have designed an integrated practice to help you welcome this new season with more intention in your life. If you’ve never worked from a written sequence before, give yourself a little time to adjust to it. Read through the entire practice a few times. Think about the flow of the practice and set up your space accordingly. You will have to refer back to the pages throughout your practice. Please know that this is fine and won’t disrupt the flow of the practice unless you let it. And remember, the more you practice it, the smoother and deeper it will become.

Preparing practice

Click here to download a PDF of the practice.

I hope you enjoy the practice. I recommend you do it everyday for a week. See what happens!

I encourage you to take the time to consider how the changing season affects your life. Are there habits that might need to be altered slightly? What is the appropriate practice, diet, exercise, sleep pattern, etc., for you this season?

Please let me know if you have questions. I would love to hear any reflections you’re willing to share from your practice.

Be well.