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Cultivate, Bring About, Dwell Upon

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons. April 7, 2019 Can I offer you a bit of love this morning? I know that all the love we need already exists. It's real. It's in each of us. But sometimes it feels far away. Or hard to gather up, tap into, and send in the right direction. A long-time beloved student, in a one-on-one support session this week, shared the idea that we're all just stumbling through the dark looking for light... I don't have the quote quite right and I don't remember the original source. But I deeply understand ... (Continue Reading)

Why a blog?

Why a blog?   I have dedicated much of my life to learning.  I am a voracious reader of non-fiction books—books on cooking, yoga, healing, living, nature, art, religion—and am constantly saying: “You know what I read today?” to my husband and friends.  I have decided to transform this question into a new project and to make writing part of my personal practice of study. As a yoga teacher, retreat leader and spiritual director, I get to work with amazing people.  Yet I only get to see them once a week, or maybe even once a month or year.  At ... (Continue Reading)

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