Embodied Asana

I often read sections of books over and over again before moving on.  Lately I’ve been stuck on a chapter called Embodied Awareness in Donna Farhi’s book, “Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living.”  I wish I could copy the entire chapter here, but I will settle for these two wonderful paragraphs: The limitless nature of consciousness is mirrored in the asana repertoire itself.  A testament to the vast creativity of our yogic forebears, the repertoire is drawn from nature, with each posture representing some aspect or expression of creation.  We practice being the expression of trees, ... (Continue Reading)

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Anusara Yoga Workshop with Todd Norian

As someone who teaches a lot, it is a blessing to be a student.  This past weekend, I was the student of Todd Norian, an Anusara yoga teacher from Massachusetts.  He offered a workshop called “Creating a Radiant Heart, Sharp Mind, and Vibrant Body” at Cityoga in Indianapolis.  The workshop consisted of four 3-hour segments, each with their own focus.  Todd is a gifted and intelligent teacher, capable of sticking to his agenda, creating a balance between seriousness and laughter, and connecting personally with everyone in the room. It was a wonderful event and I wish I were able to ... (Continue Reading)

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