the Asatoma Sadgamaya Mantra

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons. June 9th, 2019 I don't know if you saw my instagram post earlier this week... I shared about a hard moment transformed by mantra. I was reacting to something difficult and about to spiral into a negative story. But I remembered the hrdayam mantra from last Sunday's sermon and instead of spiraling, I started chanting! Mantra is simple. It's the practice of repeating something (chosen with intention) over and over and over again. Like I said last week, it's the practice of giving our mind the thought we want to think. It allows us to focus ... (Continue Reading)

The Hrdayam Mayi Mantra

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons. June 2nd, 2019 This week we're beginning a new sermon series all about mantra and prayer (two of my very favorite things!). And we're starting with a beautiful heart centered mantra. Most of us spend so much time lost in our over thinking minds. But good things can happen when we decide to spend some time with the truth of our hearts... The teaching this week will help you use your thoughts to shift your attention down into your heart and connect more deeply with the highest truths within you. You can transform ... (Continue Reading)