What’s the Story I’m Telling? (Welcome to the holidays!)

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons. December 2nd, 2018 I've experienced a heavy dose of personal transformation in my life (maybe that's why I ended up teaching transformation for a living?) And it turns out (why am I surprised?) that this practice of writing sermons for you every week has its own transforming power. Remember the Thanksgiving Sermon a couple weeks ago? The one about gratitude as a quality of being? Well in that sermon I said I didn't like holidays. But I'm not sure that's true... Because this past week I've been plotting out an entire month ... (Continue Reading)

Gratitude is a Quality of Being | Thanksgiving (2018)

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons November 18, 2018 | Happy Thanksgiving! We're officially heading into the holidays. Are you excited about this? Anxious? Both? I know it can be a complicated time of year. In my work as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist I teach people how to transform difficult emotions and one of the main tools I use is the practice of awareness. If holidays cause you stress, try this: Set a goal to pay attention to what’s real. Take little mini check-in moments throughout the day. You don’t have to leave the room and no ... (Continue Reading)

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Reflections for the Autumn Equinox (2015)

The autumn season is officially upon us. Time to start wearing scarves and drinking more hot tea. The equinox is the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator (referred to as the celestial equator), making night and day approximately equal in length all over the planet. Today we will have the same amount of light and dark. From this day of balance, we will begin to slowly move toward more darkness than light. I always enjoy the changing of the seasons. The change provides us with a moment to pause and reflect every few months. Please enjoy ... (Continue Reading)

Vegan Thanksgiving Menu (2013)

My sister and I both spend a lot of time reading cookbooks, thinking and talking about recipes and, of course, cooking. We love to make and eat good food and we both love to feed people! I have been working on creating a classic Vegan Thanksgiving menu for a few years now, but this year I asked my sister to help me perfect it. We've been working hard to adapt, create, test and write these recipes. This picture is from September, when we did our huge test of the recipes. Here's the menu: White Bean Pot Pies Green Bean Casserole ... (Continue Reading)

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Recipe: A New Year Salad

This time of year it seems we're all ready for some cleansing food. This is a recipe I made up based on what I had on hand a couple months ago. It turned out really good and I've made it several times since. We all know that raw veggies are nutritional powerhouses, but I love cooked veggies. So for this recipe, I roast the broccoli tops and I grate the broccoli stems. I also do half and half with the carrots. I add marinated and roasted tofu (the best way to cook tofu ever...thank you Bryant Terry) and this turns ... (Continue Reading)

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