Late Autumn Part 1: Unraveling Truth & Fear

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Late Autumn 2019 | Exploring Darkness Late Autumn Part 1: Unraveling Truth & Fear Prefer to listen to the sermon? Here you go! And for the readers… In the northern hemisphere where I live we’re entering the season of darkness. The natural world around us is dying back and every morning we’re waking up to less and less daylight. Just saying these words out loud has me worried I’m going to send you into depression because I know so many people struggle this time of year. I know ... (Continue Reading)

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Spiritual Practices for Samhain

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Spiritual Practices for Samhain As October turns into November we reach the peak of autumn. In the Celtic Wheel of the Year we celebrate the cross quarter festival of Samhain (pronounced saah-win), which is understood as the end and beginning of the year. It's a moment of transition where autumn gives way to winter. The harvest is complete. The beautiful autumn leaves are now composting into the earth. The days are becoming darker. The frosts have started to come. And much of the natural world is slipping into dormancy. We're often taught ... (Continue Reading)

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