2016 New Year Intentions

As you've heard me say before, I love the New Year! I love turning the page to a brand new fresh year, full of possibility. I did away with hard and fast resolutions that start with "I will not..." a long time ago. These days I'm much more interested in positive intentions for the New ... (Continue Reading)

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Opening to Insight: A Yoga Intensive with Donna Farhi

I've just returned home from a 5-day intensive with New Zealand yoga teacher and author Donna Farhi. I wish you could have joined me for this workshop of incredible depth. The experience has re-energized my personal practice and strengthened my love for sharing and teaching the beautiful tradition of yoga. Farhi believes that western culture ... (Continue Reading)

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Anusara Yoga Workshop with Todd Norian

As someone who teaches a lot, it is a blessing to be a student.  This past weekend, I was the student of Todd Norian, an Anusara yoga teacher from Massachusetts.  He offered a workshop called “Creating a Radiant Heart, Sharp Mind, and Vibrant Body” at Cityoga in Indianapolis.  The workshop consisted of four 3-hour segments, ... (Continue Reading)

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