New Year Intentions (2016)

As you've heard me say before, I love the New Year! I love turning the page to a brand new fresh year, full of possibility. I did away with hard and fast resolutions that start with "I will not..." a long time ago. These days I'm much more interested in positive intentions for the New Year. I'm interested in projects and goals. In 2015 my intention was to connect with nature in a deeper way and so my goal became to sleep outside more. So I created my "camp every month" project. And I did it! You can see pictures ... (Continue Reading)

Opening to Insight: A Yoga Intensive with Donna Farhi

I've just returned home from a 5-day intensive with New Zealand yoga teacher and author Donna Farhi. I wish you could have joined me for this workshop of incredible depth. The experience has re-energized my personal practice and strengthened my love for sharing and teaching the beautiful tradition of yoga. Farhi believes that western culture has an inability to deal with fatigue. During one of her lectures, she and a student role-played the following conversation: Student: "I'm thirsty." Donna: "Would you like some salted peanuts?" Student, "I'm thirsty." Donna: "Would you like to lay out in the sun?" Student, "I'm ... (Continue Reading)

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Anusara Yoga Workshop with Todd Norian

As someone who teaches a lot, it is a blessing to be a student.  This past weekend, I was the student of Todd Norian, an Anusara yoga teacher from Massachusetts.  He offered a workshop called “Creating a Radiant Heart, Sharp Mind, and Vibrant Body” at Cityoga in Indianapolis.  The workshop consisted of four 3-hour segments, each with their own focus.  Todd is a gifted and intelligent teacher, capable of sticking to his agenda, creating a balance between seriousness and laughter, and connecting personally with everyone in the room. It was a wonderful event and I wish I were able to ... (Continue Reading)

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