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The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Welcome to the spiritual practice of Season Keeping—the practice of marking time.

Many of us (especially those of us who’ve experienced a sense of spiritual homelessness) desire a way to move through time—move through life—with a deeper sense of tradition and connection.

Thankfully we don’t have to try and make something up. We don’t have to try and create something new. All we have to do is step outside.

Technological progress is an amazing thing. But it can create an illusion of separateness between us humans and the natural world of which we are a part. Through the magic of technology our lives can take on a certain sameness. February 9th can feel exactly the same as August 15th. But the seasons of winter and summer are not the same.

Our ancestors knew the difference (because their lives depended on it). And so do our souls.

Through the practice of intentional season keeping we can let our souls rest in our intrinsic relationship with Nature. We can reconnect with the rhythm of the earth and the festivals our ancestors celebrated. We can follow the natural cycle of balance-activity-balance-rest and find healing from the stress, depression, anxiety, and general spiritual malaise that affects so many of us. 

The Celtic Wheel of the Year is an important part of the Yoga Church Liturgy. Throughout the year, we pause to honor, celebrate, and learn from the ever changing seasons.

Of course, we don’t all experience the same season at the same time. I’ve created this archive to help you find the resources you need no matter which hemisphere you live in!


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