I believe that spirituality is part of what it means to be human. We live with the knowledge of our birth and our death; inherent in this knowledge is both hope and fear. Spiritual practice is the act of walking the path between birth and death with awareness, intention, and a receptivity to mystery.

We desire meaning and purpose in our lives. We hunger for tools that help us deal with the complicated emotions of modern life (anxiety, stress, grief, fear). We yearn for meaningful ways to express joy and mark important milestones. As human beings we need traditions that nourish the spirit.

As a minister, I look out into the world and see spiritually hungry people. People for whom traditional forms of church can’t or don’t feed their hunger. People hungry for spiritual practices and traditions that nourish rather than stress the soul. Practices that allow for vulnerability. Practices that allow for—and in fact demand—a love of spirit and body.

As a minister, it is my desire to offer sustenance and support for the spiritually hungry and frustrated.

Whether you belong to a particular faith tradition or consider yourself an atheist, whether you’re unchurched or under-churched, I am here to support you with teachings and practices designed to nourish your spirit and help you live with intention.

I’m a Quaker minister, viniyoga teacher, and essential yoga therapist. I weave together ancient teachings from the East and West: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Hebrew and Christian Bible, and the Quaker traditions of peace and simplicity. I’m not interested in dogma or right belief. I’m interested in seeking and intention. I’m interested in spiritual practices that support the tasks of our everyday living and call us to ask deeper questions about life and love and mystery.

If this speaks to your condition, I invite you to join me.


My 12-session philosophy course based in the transformative teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, begins this January.

I hope you'll join me. Because life is hard. But yoga can help.

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"Summer was the teacher that allowed me to experience the true essence of how yoga can heal and transform you. I am much more comfortable choosing practices that are appropriate for my life and needs instead of being concerned with external expectations." -BK

"Summer is an amazing teacher. She is wise, patient, and understanding. Working with her changed my perspective on myself, my approach to life, and my view of the universe. She introduced me to the true principles of yoga. I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Summer." -MZ