I believe in God as the ever moving Spirit propelling us toward Love. I do not believe that any one person or scripture or teaching can define God or explain perfect belief or practice. I think we honor Divine Mystery every time we choose compassion, inclusion, and generosity.

I think we would all be well served to constantly ask ourselves: WHO AM I BECOMING THROUGH THIS…practice? habit? idea? belief? vote? reaction? food choice? course of study? and on and on and on. We would be well served to ask this question over and over again. There’s nothing in life that couldn’t be brought under this microscope. Who are you becoming in your life right now? My hope is that I am always becoming more open minded, more generous, kinder, less fearful (how many times did Jesus tell us not to be afraid?).

I adore ancient scripture. I went to seminary and studied the Bible thoroughly. And for the past seven years I’ve been immersing myself in the ancient scripture of India (the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras, among others). Studying these Indian texts has expanded my heart and recently I’ve been drawn back toward the Bible, which is a text that I, like so many, have a deeply complicated relationship with.

Recently I came across an idea (in the book “The Great Spiritual Migration by Christian author Brian McLaren) that spoke to my condition. SCRIPTURE IS A PATH. Ever since reading these words (which I can no longer find in the book), they’ve been reverberating through my heart. Scripture is a path. Not a weapon. Not a tool of oppression. Scripture is a path for us to walk as we journey toward our best selves. How can the stories of people from the past—stories of love and stories of hate—stories of utter Unity and unimaginable beauty—stories of human failure and human fragility—stories that make no sense and stories that are just plain outdated—stories that show us love on a deeper level than we’ve ever imagined possible—point us toward a more gracious life?

How can scripture lay out a path before us? Lay out a path under our feet? How can they give us a path to support our discernment and struggle as we try to reach up and forward? As we try to catch the wind of the Spirit? As we try to connect with the Spirit of God propelling us forward toward Love?

{This post is part of a new intention to share my thoughts and art work more regularly. I’m trying to write and share quick hit ideas whenever I’m inspired as I study, read, and make art rather than waiting for the time to craft perfect essays and finished paintings. It is my hope that these free flowing thoughts and images will offer inspiration for your own study and thinking.}