Late Autumn Part 2: Prayerfully Awake

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Late Autumn 2019 | Exploring Darkness Late Autumn Part 2: Prayerfully Awake Prefer to listen to the sermon? Here you go! And for the readers… I talk a lot about the practice of cultivating the pause—of figuring out how to stop yourself before an automatic reaction just happens so that you can take a moment to choose an intentional response. And the more I tune into the rhythm of seasons, the more I’ve come to understand that the season of darkness offers us a natural pause. And if ... (Continue Reading)

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Reflections for the Autumn Equinox (2015)

The autumn season is officially upon us. Time to start wearing scarves and drinking more hot tea. The equinox is the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator (referred to as the celestial equator), making night and day approximately equal in length all over the planet. Today we will have the same amount of light and dark. From this day of balance, we will begin to slowly move toward more darkness than light. I always enjoy the changing of the seasons. The change provides us with a moment to pause and reflect every few months. Please enjoy ... (Continue Reading)

A Yoga Practice to Welcome Fall (2013)

It's officially fall. It will be October next week and my body can feel the weather changing. I always try to mark the changing of seasons in some intentional way. A season change seems to provide an auspicious time for personal retreat. I have dreamt of offering seasonal retreats for years. Hopefully someday... When I think of fall, I think of the harvest, of scarves, of halloween and thanksgiving. I think of routines finally starting again and about making soup. I think about my skin losing its exposure to the world as I wrap myself in more and more layers. ... (Continue Reading)