Finding Refuge

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Late Fall 2020 HERE I AM. Take a breath and say it to yourself: Here I am. What's happening in your life right now? Take another breath and let's say it together: Here we are. HERE WE ARE. We're heading into the darkest part of the year (sunset is happening around 4:30pm up north where I live), The global pandemic continues to rage on. In fact, numbers are climbing, The holidays are coming and there's nothing normal about how we'll be able to celebrate them, In the US, presidential politics continue to confound, And ... (Continue Reading)

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Early Winter Part 3: Finding Refuge

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Early Winter 2020 | Opening to Mystery Our sermon this week explores some common themes of the yoga church: How do we root our identity in something deeper than the always shifting nature of life? How do we find refuge and comfort in a world that can't offer absolute security? If you struggle at all with perfectionism or anxiety, please watch this sermon. It ends with a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke and I got this message from one of the women on our film crew: "I have to tell you, I WEPT ... (Continue Reading)

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