Early Winter Part 4: Connecting with Divine Mystery

I've got a great sermon for you this morning. It's the last one in our early winter series (I've loved this group of sermons). As you know we've been exploring Divine Mystery. We started with what it means to be a seeker, then we explored yearning, last week we dove into the practice of finding refuge, and this week we're talking about connection. Divine Mystery is, well, mysterious. But I don't think it's beyond our grasp. In fact, I think it's everywhere. One of the ways I connect with Divine Mystery is through nature and this short sermon ... (Continue Reading)

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Early Winter Part 2: Yearning

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Early Winter 2020 | Opening to Mystery Happy New Year!! 2020. Pretty wild... There's so much talk about goals and resolutions and hopes and dreams right now. And some of it is useful. My husband and I spent New Year's day sitting in the sun talking about obstacles we've found our way through, things we're proud of, and the big stories we need to let go of (an ongoing task). We talked about what's real right now. And we decided we're ready to be more playfully curious. You might have figured out ... (Continue Reading)

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Early Winter Part 1: Seeking

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Early Winter 2019 | Opening to Mystery Can you believe we’re at the end of a decade? It feels like kind of a big deal. And as I look back over the past 10-years I’m overwhelmed by all that’s happened. I’m no stranger to big changes, but the past decade has been intense for me. It contained both a deep experience of fulfillment and a life changing experience of depression. It was filled with soul level transformations that will ground and shape the rest of my life. And while I'm interested in welcoming ... (Continue Reading)

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Early Autumn Part 4: Who Am I Becoming?

We become who we practice becoming. This idea has become a refrain that I repeat over and over and over again. Yoga teacher and author Donna Farhi says that we can only judge the effectiveness of our practice based on who we're becoming through it. If we want to live a life of intention, meaning, and mystery, we must pause and regularly ask ourselves: Who am I becoming? This question is at the heart of our sermon this week. It's the final sermon in the early autumn series and it's an important one. It explores hope and justice ... (Continue Reading)

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