Paul Tillich

Early Winter Part 2: Yearning

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Early Winter 2020 | Opening to Mystery Happy New Year!! 2020. Pretty wild... There's so much talk about goals and resolutions and hopes and dreams right now. And some of it is useful. My husband and I spent New Year's day sitting in the sun talking about obstacles we've found our way through, things we're proud of, and the big stories we need to let go of (an ongoing task). We talked about what's real right now. And we decided we're ready to be more playfully curious. You might have figured out ... (Continue Reading)

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the Ground of all Being (fall equinox part 1)

Yesterday—in the northern hemisphere where I live—was the fall equinox and it was my full intention to offer you a sermon in celebration of the season change. But when I sat down to write, something else entirely poured out of me... The fall equinox feels like a very earthy thing and apparently something inside of me needed to root us on the ground before I could actually begin writing about the season change. So you're getting the fall equinox sermon in two parts over two weeks. The Ground of all Being (fall equinox part 1) ... (Continue Reading)


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