Ravi Ravindra

Early Winter Part 1: Seeking

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons JOIN US for the online Yoga Church Sunday Gathering. Click here for the details. After spending several years diving deep into the cyclical nature of the seasons, the New Year seems too linear to me. And the overwhelming flow of "New Year, New You!" marketing messages is a complete turn off. Everyone's telling us we need to improve. We need to be better. And they've got 3-easy steps to help us become thinner, more productive, health machines! All these messages are calling us toward self-aggression ... (Continue Reading)

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Early Autumn Part 2: Something Beyond Death

Something Beyond Death REFLECTION QUESTIONS AFTERLIFE | What did your family of origin teach you about what happens to us after we die? Do you have any current beliefs about what happens to us after we die? IMMORTALITY | Ravi Ravindra talks about the difference between everlasting and eternal. What do you think of the distinction he's making? IDENTITY | At some point, everyone asks "who am I?" One take on this question is "where do I find my identity?" What do I root my identify in? SPIRITUAL ... (Continue Reading)

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