Late Autumn Part 2: Prayerfully Awake

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons Late Autumn 2019 | Exploring Darkness Late Autumn Part 2: Prayerfully Awake Prefer to listen to the sermon? Here you go! And for the readers… I talk a lot about the practice of cultivating the pause—of figuring out how to stop yourself before an automatic reaction just happens so that you can take a moment to choose an intentional response. And the more I tune into the rhythm of seasons, the more I’ve come to understand that the season of darkness offers us a natural pause. And if ... (Continue Reading)

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Transformation Begins with Deep Noticing

Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons. September 16, 2018 This week, we turn our attention toward the idea of transformation. All sermons include something of the preacher in them, but this one asked a bit more of me than usual. In my personal practice the last few years I've been working to become more comfortable with the reality of vulnerability (I call it a reality because even though many of us do our best to be invulnerable, we will always fail). So this week I share some of my own transformation with you... Even in the artwork, which is ... (Continue Reading)

Internal Spring Cleaning – Prana, Apana, and Agni

A Practice for Internal Spring Cleaning: You've probably heard the term prana before. But have you heard of apana? Or udana? There are actually 5 pranas. They're called the vayus or the "forces of the air." They are: Prana vayu, which governs reception (eating, drinking, inhaling). Apana vayu, which governs elimination (going to the bathroom, giving birth, exhaling). Udana Vayu, which governs growth and transformation. Samana Vayu, which governs digestion (of anything... food, thoughts, etc.). Vyana Vayu, which governs circulation. Much could be said about the vayus and I plan to study and write more about them throughout my therapy ... (Continue Reading)

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Inhale or Exhale?

“I think I’m more of the exhale type. I’m just going to stick with exhaling.” I can’t remember the context (or exact phrasing) of this statement, but the sentiment has stuck with me. I heard it on a recent episode of the podcast “On Being.” It was a conversation that included Parker Palmer, who is a well known author in Quaker circles. Palmer often writes about our innate wholeness, and I love that he used the breath to illustrate his point. The statement, as Palmer well knows, is absurd. Which side of the breath we will utilize isn’t something we ... (Continue Reading)

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Embodied Asana

I often read sections of books over and over again before moving on.  Lately I’ve been stuck on a chapter called Embodied Awareness in Donna Farhi’s book, “Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living.”  I wish I could copy the entire chapter here, but I will settle for these two wonderful paragraphs: The limitless nature of consciousness is mirrored in the asana repertoire itself.  A testament to the vast creativity of our yogic forebears, the repertoire is drawn from nature, with each posture representing some aspect or expression of creation.  We practice being the expression of trees, ... (Continue Reading)

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