Welcome to the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons.

October 14th, 2018

Three years ago, while backpacking high up in the mountains, I turned to my husband and said: “I want to start a church.” It sounded like a crazy thing coming out of my mouth, but the dream had been shouting so loud in my heart that I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

Unfortunately, the dream wasn’t the only thing shouting within me. So was fear. Lots of it. I don’t know what your inner fear voice tells you, but mine was saying things like: “What kind of person says they want to start a church?” and “Who will come? Who will care?” and “You’ll never get away with mixing all those different teachings and traditions together” and of course the real kicker “You’ll have to put yourself out there. Do you really want to expose that much of your heart to the world?

While fear’s voice within me was loud, thankfully it wasn’t the only voice I heard. I also heard the voices of my students, friends, family—the voices of people saying they shared my spiritual hunger and they too craved a new kind of spiritual community. And so, with the support of many people, we are now over a month into the realization of the Yoga Church (please hear my heart squealing with happiness at this statement!). My original dream had been to start an actual brick and mortar church in Whatcom County where I live (and maybe, if enough people say they want to help me build that, it will happen some day). But the digital world has allowed me to build something completely new. I don’t know exactly when or how the idea for the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons started to crystalize in my mind… Honestly, little shreds just kept showing up. And eventually I found myself outside building a pulpit. And then I found myself talking to two amazing women (honest to god movie makers!) who thought it sounded like fun to come hang out in my woods and help me bring this thing to life. And so here we are.

And your response has been incredible. The voice of fear that told me no one would care was wrong. People from all over the globe are tuning in. And you’ve all showed up with such spirit and encouragement. The wisdom you share in the comments each week continues to blow me away. And I decided to highlight some of that wisdom. I’ve gathered a collection of your voices from all the previous sermons. This week our spiritual sustenance comes from you!

I’ve said it every week, but community means more than one voice. More than one idea. And so I’m asking: Will you help me build this community?

Your voices may be bringing the spiritual nurturance this week, but I’m bringing the laughter! I asked Cassidy and Stacy (the amazing women behind the camera) to make a little behind-the-scenes clip for you. My overly serious heart is almost embarrassed to show it to you… but I really wanted to let you in on how much fun we have during filming! Plus, there’s a super cute clip of Indy. 😉


Please, let these voices inspire you to share yours.

Thank you for sharing the spiritual journey with me.