The Yoga Church is a community of seekers dedicated to deep study and consistent practice.

Yoga is both a state of being and the practices that help us reach that state of being. It’s a vast spiritual science that includes so much more than postures. The root of Yoga is yuj, which means union. Yoga is the union of God and Self. When we talk about ideas like “God and Self” we know that language always falls short. We’re talking about things that exist beyond language. We encourage everyone in our community to use the words that most speak to their heart.

And speaking of words, we know the word “church” can be triggering for some. We get it. Here’s what we mean when we say it: Church is a word that signifies a community of people gathered together to explore and honor ideas of meaning. While the word church is most often associated with Christianity, it’s used by several non-christian groups including Buddhists and even atheists.

Together, as the Yoga Church Community, we study the deeper dimensions of yoga practice and wrestle with big questions so that we can practice loving ourselves, our communities, and our world well.

We’re a gathering of diverse people with different religious experiences and understanding—from every faith tradition and none—unified by our desire to live lives of intention, meaning, and mystery.

Yoga Church always seems to offer a new perspective to deal with whatever challenge I’m experiencing in the moment, whether that’s through a quote, spiritual text, a new physical practice, or something another attendee said – and most often a combination of all of those. It’s teaching me ways to pause and reflect rather than react to challenges, and it’s helping me make choices to steer myself toward the things that are most satisfying, positive, and aligned with how I want to live” —MM

Together we practice the many tools of yoga so that we can feel grounded, respond to emotional upheaval with intention, and figure out our next, right action.

Together we explore our passions and curiosity. We share our anger and our laughter. We help each other move through struggle and celebrate joy. We mark the changing seasons with ritual and blessing.

Will you join us?

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