The Magazine Project

We are faced with the mysterious realities of existence and death. While I don’t believe that spirituality and art can fully explain these realities or necessarily take away our confusion, I do believe they can help. I believe the practice of grappling with questions—the practice of wrestling with mystery—matters. We may never find answers; in fact, we probably won’t, but in our searching we will be expanded and changed.

I’m a seeker. A person constantly filled with questions. And surrounded by books with dog-eared pages. I’m always wrestling with some mysterious thing or another. Art making gives me a concrete way to search.

Underneath every project I undertake is my questioning heart. I am always striving after the ever-elusive correct definition of something. I want the history of things. I am always trying to understand the how and why. And I am constantly asking: “how does this work in the world?”

For 6-months in 2015 I explored these questions through the act of digital art making. I created the “Magazine Project” as a way to formally wrestle with big questions.

To download any of the magazines simply click on the cover image. Please note that different web browsers will handle the download differently. The PDF might just open up for you or it might end up in your download file. If you have any trouble accessing the magazine, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

January Magazine

Who am I?

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March Magazine


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A Credo

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