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    Wrestling with Big Questions This foundational course includes the first 4 modules of Yoga for Transformation. It will guide you through 4 big questions:
    • Who am I?
    • Why do I suffer?
    • What's stronger... My will or my habits?
    • How do I live in right relationship with myself and others?
    And because I’ve witnessed how powerful personal support can be for people doing this transformative work, I’ve included options for discounted one-on-one sessions. So if you’re ready to really dig in, let’s work together!

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    *Wrestling with Big Questions – $200. But if you can’t quite afford it, that’s ok. You can name your own price (I trust your integrity in deciding what to pay). If you can pay more and support the work of this ministry, you can do that too! *Wrestling with Big Questions + 2 Yoga Therapy Sessions $400 $300 (save $100) *Wrestling with Big Questions + 4 Yoga Therapy Sessions $600 $400 (save $200)