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    Do the Yoga Church Sunday Sermons bring you joy and value? Please consider becoming a regular supporter of this ministry. It’s a totally free and ad-free offering. But that doesn’t mean it's without cost. It takes many, many hours a month to write and produce, and thousands of dollars to sustain. Your support really matters.

    Thank you!

    • Single $10
      • Can't come regularly? This might be a good option for you.
      • And if $10 isn't in your budget right now, please join us anyway. Your presence is more important than your money. Pay what you can.
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      • Commit to making 4 payments a year (every equinox and solstice) and have unlimited access to the gatherings.
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  • Sale!
    Wrestling with Big Questions This foundational course includes the first 4 modules of Yoga for Transformation. It will guide you through 4 big questions:
    • Who am I?
    • Why do I suffer?
    • What's stronger... My will or my habits?
    • How do I live in right relationship with myself and others?
    And because I’ve witnessed how powerful personal support can be for people doing this transformative work, I’ve included options for one-on-one sessions. So if you’re ready to really dig in, let’s work together!
    *Wrestling with Big Questions – $200. *Wrestling with Big Questions + 2 Yoga Therapy Sessions $350 ($50 savings) *Wrestling with Big Questions + 4 Yoga Therapy Sessions $500 ($100 savings)
  • Individual 90-min Yoga Therapy Session

    Individual 90-min Yoga Therapy sessions are available to support you in your life and practice as needed. Special notes during the covid-19 pandemic...
    • All sessions are happening over the phone or zoom.
    • I'm offering the option of a discounted price. If you can afford the full rate, I appreciate your support! But if your income has dropped, you can choose to pay a lower price right now. I suggest anywhere from $50-$75, but you can go as low as $25 if you need to. I want to make sure you have access to support.
    • Feel free to purchase multiple sessions at whatever rate is most appropriate for you.
    Once you've purchased your session, you can choose a time here: https://calendly.com/summercushman