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    Does the Yoga Church support your life and practice? Whether you enjoy the newsletter, listen to the sermons, or join the weekly gatherings, please consider becoming a regular supporter of this ministry. It’s a totally free and ad-free offering, but that doesn’t mean it's without cost. The Yoga Church is a labor of love and a huge undertaking. It takes many, many hours a month to write, produce, and prepare and thousands of dollars to sustain. Your support will help me keep it gong.

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    The complete Yoga for Transformation course has 10 sections. You can take one of them or all of them! While they certainly build on each other, there's a lot of repetition built in (it's an important learning tool!) so they can be taken in any order. You can purchase one of the course bundles:
    • The Full Course bundle | $400 (save $100)
    • Wrestling with Big Questions | $175 (save $25)
    • Building your Yogi Toolbox | $275 (save $25)
    Or, you can purchase any of the courses individually: Wrestling with Big Questions (4 Courses)
    • Question #1 | Who am I? | $50
    • Question #2 | What’s stronger? My will or my habits?| $50
    • Question #3 | Why do I suffer? | $50
    • Question #4 | How do I live in right relationship with myself and others? | $50
    Building Your Yogi Toolbox (5 Courses)
    • Toolkit #1 | We are Body & Movement | Annamaya Kosha & Asana | $50
    • Toolkit #2 | We are Breath & Energy | Pranamaya Kosha & Pranayama | $100
    • Toolkit #3 | We are Senses & Thought | Manomaya Kosha & Mantra | $50
    • Toolkit #4 | We are Personality & Stories | Vijnanamaya Kosha & Meditation | $50
    • Toolkit #5 | We are Joy & Spirit | Anandamaya Kosha & Prayer and Ritual | $50
    The Art of Personal Practice
    • Integration | Designing a transformational practice | free bonus when you complete the other 9 courses!
  • Individual 90-min Yoga Therapy Session

    Yoga is fundamentally about the reduction of suffering.

    Yoga Therapy helps us move away from things that cause us pain (trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, general malaise, disease, chronic pain…)

    And toward the well-being we desire (ease, fulfillment, joy, balanced energy, a calm mind, nourished spirit, and vibrant health…)

    Because every person is different, Yoga Therapy sessions are always personal and situational. You can bring your full self to our sessions (body, energy, mind, character, and spirit) and I’ll bring the full range of my experience and training—the creativity of an artist, the heart of a minister, and the toolbox of a yogi.

    We’ll begin with what’s real for you and together we’ll create a space where you can speak and be heard—a sacred space where you can open up and see your life in a new way.

    Through conversation and the primary tools of yoga— ancient teachings, breath, awareness, relaxation, simple movement, meditation, sound, prayer, and ritual—we’ll co-create personal practices designed to help you move in the direction you want to go.

    Special notes during the covid-19 pandemic...
    • All sessions are being held over the phone, through facetime, or zoom.
    • I'm offering the option of a discounted price. If you can afford the full rate, I appreciate your support! But if your income has dropped, you can choose to pay a lower price right now. I suggest anywhere from $50-$75, but you can go as low as $25 if you need to. I want to make sure you have access to support.
    • Feel free to purchase multiple sessions at whatever rate is most appropriate for you.

    Once you've purchased your session, you can choose a time here: https://calendly.com/summercushman

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