The autumn season is officially upon us. Time to start wearing scarves and drinking more hot tea.

The equinox is the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator (referred to as the celestial equator), making night and day approximately equal in length all over the planet. Today we will have the same amount of light and dark. From this day of balance, we will begin to slowly move toward more darkness than light.

I always enjoy the changing of the seasons. The change provides us with a moment to pause and reflect every few months.

Please enjoy this photo journal that I created to help you mark the shift into fall this year.

AutumnQuestions for Changing SeasonsSeason Change Watch ListField MeditationFall MemorySmoresFinal Page

As the days become shorter and the air becomes cooler, I often find myself drawn deeper into my own personal practice. If you would like support with your personal practice as we change seasons, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to schedule a session.

Would you like to download and print a copy of the photo journal? You got it! Click here. If you’re viewing this page on your phone, downloading it will allow you to make the images bigger and easier to read.

If you know someone else who would enjoy this journal, please share it. And, of course, please share your reflections and favorite fall traditions in the comments below.